Put your data entry on autopilot with BillBjorn

How Does It Work?

Explore the main BillBjorn features in this short video.

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    Forward invoices

    Forward emails to your dedicated BillBjorn email address or snap pictures with the mobile app.

  2. 2
    Create Rules

    Create invoice templates and rules for each vendor. Fully automate the data recognition.

  3. 3
    Sit back!

    Watch invoices flowing into your system and being recognized automatically in seconds.

Perfect for Your Business

BillBjorn reduces the burden of keeping up with bills and receipts so that you can focus on running your business instead.

Automated Data Entry

Save time and money by automating your invoice data entry.

Mobile App

Snap pictures of your invoices and receipts on the go.

Custom Email Address

Forward bills and receipts directly from your email inbox.

Invoice Templates

Create invoice templates, default values and recognition rules.

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Want a bite? You're in the right place!

Rule Based Templates

Rule based templates can be created for each contact. Areas within an invoice can be selected to tell the software where certain invoice fields are located.

Create recognition rules

Set default values

Select field area

Used automated rules

High recognition accuracy

Learn More

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Mobile App

The BillBjorn mobile app allows you to take pictures and upload these images directly into the BillBjorn cloud for further processing.


Snap pictures of your bills and receipts on the go.


Review and approve documents and send files to your connected accounting software.

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Side-by-side view

The BillBjorn split screen allows you to easily review and approve data. The document viewer is located next to the data panel.

BillBjorn is saving me hours each month in data entry. This app is so fast and easy to use.

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