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I really love the simplicity of the tool and that it works!!

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I wish I had used this sooner. Saves me FAR more money than it costs.

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Very intuitive and easy to use, it saves me so much time.

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BillBjorn! Wait… What’s BillBjorn?

BillBjorn lets you fully automate the data entry for your bills and receipts. No human interaction required.

Fully automated data entry

Configure data entry rules once and watch your documents flowing in on autopilot.

Lightning fast

Bills and receipts are processed in less than 60 seconds on average.

High recognition accuracy

Configurable invoice templates and data entry rules.


Fully automated data entry: no human review or overseas call centres.


We don’t need to pay data entry staff and pass on the savings to you.

Accounting software integrations

Export transactions directly into our partner accounting software packages.

Automate your data entry by connecting BillBjorn & Sage Accounting

sage accounting data entry
  • BillBjorn is fully integrated with Sage Accounting. Enhance your productivity by connecting BillBjorn to Sage Accounting.
  • Take pictures of receipts with the BillBjorn mobile app.
  • Automatically extract invoice key data like contact, date, total etc.
  • Fully automate the data entry and process invoices in seconds.

How Does It Work?

Explore the main BillBjorn features in this short video.

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    Forward invoices

    Forward emails to your dedicated BillBjorn email address or snap pictures with the mobile app.

  2. 2
    Extract Data

    BillBjorn will automatically extract the invoice data in seconds.

  3. 3

    Export the data directly to your connected accounting software with the click of a button.

Mobile App

The BillBjorn mobile app allows you to take pictures and upload these images directly into the BillBjorn cloud for further processing.

Take pictures of receipts

Snap pictures of your bills and receipts on the go.

Review & Approve

Review and approve documents and send files directly to Sage Accounting.

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Attach documents to your Sage Accounting bills and receipts

BillBjorn will create a purchase invoice or money out transaction in Sage Accounting and attach the file to that newly created Sage Accounting transaction. After the export to Sage Accounting the file will be available on the Sage Accounting servers. Sage Accounting will automatically back up the documents for you so that you do not need to take care of the backup process. The original invoice is easily accessible as it is directly attached to your Sage Accounting transaction via the file link (see screenshot below). This makes it very easy to retrieve the original purchase invoices in case your accountant or the tax office ask for it. Depending of the legislation in your country, you might even be able to destroy the paper receipt (please check with your accountant). By connecting BillBjorn to Sage Accounting you will be one step closer to a paperless office. BillBjorn – Automatic Sage Accounting data entry.

Attach a file to a Sage Accounting purchase invoice
Attach a file to a Sage Accounting bill

Manage your cash flow in real time

A big issue for many small businesses is poor cash flow management. BillBjorn can help to manage cash flow by shortening the time between the arrival of a payable bill and the entry into Sage Accounting. BillBjorn will extract key accounting information from a purchase invoice and create a vendor bill in Sage Accounting. In contrast to other accounts payable solutions, bills created by BillBjorn are available in Sage Accounting immediately after the upload so that there is no lag between data entry and availability online. This gives you a real time snapshot over the bills that require payment. In Sage Accounting you can click on “Expenses” and then “Vendor Bills” or “Purchase Invoices” and then the outstanding bills can be filtered by date range and “Outstanding” status (as shown in the screenshot below). Then you can simply pay the most urgent bills first or contact the vendor to arrange an extension of your payment terms.

Sage Accounting Filter Outstanding Bills
Filter Outstanding Vendor Bills in Sage Accounting

QuickBooks Online Data Entry

Start automating your Sage Accounting data entry

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About Sage Accounting

Sage | Accounting (formerly Sage One) is an online accounting software that gives you anytime, anywhere access to the most important small business essentials. It has features that help you manage your cashflow and send and track invoices all through the cloud or on the mobile app. See why successful business owners choose Sage | Accounting. BillBjorn is an add-on which lets you automate your data entry and export documents directly into Sage Accounting.

Sage’s vision is to be recognised as the most valuable supporter of small and medium sized companies by creating greater freedom for them to succeed. Sage provides small and medium sized organisations with a range of easy-to-use business management software and services – from accounting and payroll, to enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and payments. Sage’s customers receive continuous advice and support through our global network of local experts to help them solve their business problems, giving them the confidence to achieve their business ambitions.

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Explore the fasted way to process your bills and receipts in this short 1-minute video.

What is BillBjorn?

BillBjorn is a cloud based software that provides lightning Fast Automated Data Entry Into Sage Accounting.

  • Put your data entry on autopilot
  • Process bills & receipts in seconds
  • Sage Accounting integration
  • 30-day free trial / no credit card required

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